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Huskee Cup - 8oz - Pack of 4
Huskee Cup - 8oz - Pack of 4
Huskee Cup - 8oz - Pack of 4
Huskee Cup - 8oz - Pack of 4

Huskee Cup - 8oz - Pack of 4

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£2 from the sale of these cups goes to our mental health charities. 

Please note these may come in the individually boxed option, if the 4 pack is no longer available. 

Meet HuskeeCup

Sustainable, versatile and beautiful. A reusable coffee cup that not only looks great, but does great things for the environment too.  Created using waste husk left over from the production of coffee, these cups aim to close the loop on waste management.


- Comfortable to hold

- Very durable

- Keeps your coffee hotter for longer

- Stackable, with interchangeable lids

- non-toxic (BPA free)

- Repurposes waste material (used coffee husk)

- Dishwasher friendly

Our unique bio-polymer is what makes it possible. Built from waste coffee husk and our PP based resin, we have chosen materials for durability, food safety and the ability to re-purpose.
Coffee Husk
When coffee is processed, first the skin and fruit is removed,  then dried, and finaly the husk is hulled off. This is the tough fibrous shell we use.
Beauty meets Function
The fins offer exceptional insulation, the lid can be squeezed on with one hand and there are drain slots on the base to remove excess water after a dishwasher cycle.

Plus with nothing to take apart, its easy to clean and super hygienic.
Why only 2 colours? 
Only offered in natural/undyed, or charcoal using nothing but natural charcoal pigment. Good for the planet, simple and beautiful.