How are you really? Mental Health Matters. Don't say you're fine when you're not. Be the change.

About Us

Hello! I'm Liz and welcome to Wunderkind + Wild.

Who are you?

In a nutshell, i'm a 30-something Australian born/UK bred mother to two young boys.  Previously I worked in the luxury fashion industry in London, but have left the city behind for all things countryside. Lover of black, grey and leopard print (and a bit of pink but don't tell anyone...) with a filthy mouth, hefty gin consumption and a longing for the travel I no longer get to do, I hope my tombstone will one day read 'Not as planned but f*ck it that'll do'.

Why this?

Having suffered from ongoing depression (including post-natal) and anxiety, stuck in a rut and experiencing a loss of identity following redundancy on maternity leave with my second child, I came up with the idea for a stylish but comfortably wearable brand of ethically produced clothing and accessories that could help raise much-needed funds for mental health charities in the UK.  Up to £5 per item (see individual product pages for exact amounts) gets donated to our amazing charities - The Mix UK, PANDAS Foundation UK, Black Minds Matter UK, Humanity Crew, and The Mental Health Foundation.  

Through these charities, a huge spectrum of help and advice is provided to people from all walks of life, at various points in their life, and the funding to provide this is often precarious; the invariably murky world of mental health is still far behind the level of care afforded to physical health concerns, and these charities and healthcare providers are the pioneers shining the light.

I also wanted to help smash the stigma that mental illness has 'a look', that you can function perfectly well while managing it, and that we ALL have a mental health that needs as much care and attention as our physical health does.

Now is the time when the conversation about ending the stigma on mental health has become mainstream; it is no longer about starting the conversation - it is about doing something with it that counts.