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What does FINE mean to you?

Small word, loaded with meaning.    

The concept behind our 'FINE' slogan is to highlight our dependence on using the word to cover a wide range of negative feelings, often as a way to avoid looking like we are failing or being a burden to those around us.  

Is it simply a conveniently deflective, but harmless, mask?  Or is this word and its connotations amplifying an already heavy burden, enabling avoidance of meaningful interactions with those around us, and contributing to even worse mental health? 

We've started the conversation, now it's time to do something with it.

Wunderkind + Wild are raising money for mental health charities.

We all need the opportunity to be better than FINE

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Ethics & Eco Credentials

It is important to us to ensure we only use ethically responsible manufacturers and products that have been made according to strict environmental standards. 


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